Dreamfeel(TM) Lifeline Mattresses for PGs

Dreamfeel (TM) Mattress for PGs bed in various foam densities, combination and sizes at affordable prices supplied in bulk quantity, the mattresses can be make as per the customer’s requirement, quality and budget.

Sizes:                         28×68. 28×70, 30×72, 36×72 etc.

Thickness:                 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch etc.

Fabric Covers:           Polyester Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Printed and Plain with and without quilting

Foam Density:           28 Density, 32 Density, 40 Density

Combination:            Solid Flexible PU Foam, PU+EPE   Foam

Price Range:             Starting from Rs. 1500 and more per piece

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