XLPE Foam Sheets

XLPS Foam Sheets – We supply XLPS foam sheets in all standard colors from 1mm to 50mm thickness in 2 standard dimensions, 1×2 meters and 1.2×2.4 meters.

XLPE is a closed cell, cross-linked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam manufactured by block process. The product offers unique features like good strength & mechanical properties at much lower weight. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) has extremely fine micro-cellular structure and is an ideal choice for applications requiring – space fillers, display casings, aesthetic & non-toxic educational aids, toys etc. The product offers excellent buoyancy and is extensively preferred in recreational swimming aids & floating devices. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a thermoformable foam packaging material.

Features :

  • Very fine micro-cellular closed cell, cross-linked structure – Better aesthetics, ideal foam for promotional goods
  • Manufactured by bun process in two stage expansion under license from patented Japanese technology first time in India
  • Available in single block of 100 mm thickness
  • Very low weight yet reasonably good mechanical strengths
  • Excellent buoyancy, ideal for flotation devices, swimming aids etc.
  • Non-toxic and excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Shock absorbing – can take repetitive shocks
  • Non-abrasive, non-porous with negligible water absorption
  • Environmental friendly – CFC free manufacturing process
  • Thermo-forming capabilities for specialty mats & components

Applications :

  • Shoe industry: Shoe insole, shoe collar insert, sports shoe heal pad, shoe upper linear, shoe heal cap, orthopaedic shoe etc.
  • Sports & leisure: Judo & high jump mats, yoga and aerobic mats, camping mats, water slide mats, gymnasium mats, camping mats, beach mats, martial arts mats, swimming float accessories, swim vests, life jacket, life floats, body protection accessories, cushion lining of sports, boxing & cricket protective gears and many more…
  • Packaging solutions: Case inserts, box liners, crate liners, medical equipment packaging, corner pads, fragile glass packing etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Domestic mats, workstation mats, promotional material, playground safety, interlocking mats, fun & educational toys and many more…

Mats and Mattresses :

These mats, due to their unique combination of density and thickness, make for superior floor covering. The exceptional elastic and shock-absorbing properties of the product significantly reduce the risk of injury. These mats have an absolutely flat surface, which guarantees stability and support. Available in different combinations of rigidity and impact absorption, they are easy to transport and store. We offer Sports Mats, Yoga Mats, Aerobics Mats, Judo & High-jump Mats, Camping Mats, Beach Mats, Waterslide Mats, Gymnasium Mats, Martial Arts Mats, Interlocking Mats, and Core Stretcher Mats etc.

Protective Guards :

These guards are used by athletes and sports persons to provide dual properties like adjustable body protection and safety. the EVA is used for wide range of products which can thermoform to provide ergonomic design for comfort and safety with excellent elasticity and shock absorbing properties. And have excellent elastic and shock absorbing properties. Ideal for Cricket Gloves, Baseball Gloves, Arm Pads, Elbow Pads, Leg Pads, Shoulder Pads, Load bearing Pads, Chest guard, Thigh Guard and many more… .

Head Gears :

A headgear acts as a protective gear for protection from head injuries. It’s designed to absorb the impact of blows to the head by external physical forces, thereby reducing the chance of a concussion. Supreme has developed wide range of advanced products that act as superior shock absorbers in Helmets. Ideal for Bicycle Helmet, Football Helmet, Cricket Helmet, Hockey Helmet, Motorcycle Helmet etc.

Floating Devices :

Due to its lightweight and closed cell structure with high buoyancy characteristics, our products are used for floatation devices of different shapes and sizes. It provides a comfortable and stable flotation aid. These floating devices are available in various colours, shapes and sizes. Ideal for Swimming – Accessories for Children Float for Fishing, Rattle Cushion, Swimming Float Equipments, Swimming Helper for Feet, Swimming Lane Markers etc.

Other applications :
• Protective Athletic Equipment
• Shoe insole
• Wall padding
• Acoustics
• Archery & Dart Targets: Dart Boards
• Spa & Hot Tubs: Head rest
• Toys & Games for Kids: Fancy Hats & Caps, Visors, Jigsaw Puzzles, Building Blocks, Colourful Balls.
• Golf Bags & Backpack Inserts, Kick Board, Exercise Aid for Feet and many more….


COLOR: Black and White Other color on request

SIZE: NORMAL STANDARD 1×2 Meter, 1.2 x2.4 Meter


TOLRANCE: +/- 0.4 mm

Density: 75 +/- 5 Kg / cu Meter and more

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