CAPCELL / Armour XL (XLPE Foam)

Capcell / Armour XL (XLPE Foam) – Capcell also know as EVA Foam

 We supply EVA foam sheets in all standard, colors from 1mm to 50mm thickness in 2 standard dimensions, 1×2 meters
and 1.2×2.4 meters.

Superior, lightweight and high-strength crosslinked PE-EVA foam…

‘PROTECcapcell’ (XLPE) is a range of closed cell, crosslinked Polyethylene foam (XLPE) manufactured by block process. It has extremely fine microcellular structure. Variant available are PE, PE-EVA, EPDM blended foam & PE+EVA+ NR etc. to suit demanding applications.


  • Manufactured by bun process in single stage expansion – offers high strength, low weight combination, ideal for component weight reduction
  • Uniform closed cell, microcellular structure
  • Absolutely flat surface suitable for lamination & fabrication
  • Excellent material for sound barrier / heat barrier & vibration dampening – can be used as a substitute for many automotive & engineering applications
  • Excellent resilience and chemical resistance
  • No weathering effect
  • High elasticity & flexibility
  • Durable, lightweight with high buoyancy
  • Can be thermoformed or processed with vacuum / compression techniques
  • Easy to cut, fabricate, perforate die-punch, laminate, emboss
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, compression and tear resistant
  • Non water absorbent
  • Resistant to moisture, fungi, bacteria and chemicals
  • Available in wide range of thicknesses, widths and color
  • Packaging solutions: Case insert, box liners, crate liners, protective pads, corner pads, partition lining, foam tapes & gaskets, heavy industrial machinery packaging etc.
  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles: Foam gap fillers, foam gaskets, die-cut gaskets, anti-rattle pads, seals, door trims, cable supports, insulation liners, parcel tray liners, head liner, acoustic liners, bumper support, boot liners, bonnet insulation, balata replacement, self-adhesive backed pads etc.
  • Returnable packaging: Automotive dunnages, protective foam (XLPE) liners and buffers etc.
  • Sports & recreation goods: Protective guards made of foam, life jacket insert, sports mats & mattresses, trekking mattress, camping mats, kit bag liners, sports shoe insoles, glove lining etc.
  • Other applications: Space fillers, toys, gymnasium mats, interlocking mats, kid’s room mats, alphabetical puzzles and many more…
  • Insulation: Industrial refrigeration, cold storage, cold water pipes insulation, AHUs (air handling units), A/C humidification ducts, domestic air conditioners etc.

* Composite packaging solutions / customized fabricated packaging products can be designed for specific requirements.

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