Foam Partners supplies varieties of foams in different densities and types that includes Flexible Polyurethane (PU) foam, EPE Foam, Soft Foam, Hard Foam, Foam Mattress, Foam Pillows, XLPE Foam, Capcel Foam, Reticulated Foam (Polyether and Polyester), Bubble wraps, Die-cut foam, Industrial Packaging and Product Packaging etc.

The foams are in different densities, shapes and sizes according to our end customer’s requirement

We supply foam for Mattress & Cushions manufacturers, Automotive filters, Consumer electronics protective packaging, Textile Industries and Industrial packaging, Footwear manufacturers, Helmet and other Industrial usage.

The foams are most commonly used across various products manufacturing and protective packaging by consumer, textile and industrial products companies.® is a registered trade mark of Starshade Business Services Pvt. Ltd.

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