Reticulated Polyester and Polyether Foams have 100% open cell structure and are made using thermal reticulation process. These are used in a variety of applications.
Available in two types Ester and Ether based Reticulated Foam:

Polyether Foam:

The Reticulated Polyether Foam are not hydrolyzed by water and thereby are widely used in water filtration applications.

Polyester Foam

The Reticulated Polyester Foam are stable against organic chemicals, possess improved hardness, tear and abrasion resistance properties. They are widely used in vacuum cleaners as dust filter, paint roller, filter application of organic chemicals and petroleum products.

  • Filtration and pre-filtration of air, oil and water
  • Ceramic foam filters
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Micro phones, head phones & speakers
  • Fuel tanksReticulated-Polyether-foam-foambazaar 2

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