INTER-LOCK MATS – EVA/CEPCEL MATS We supply inter-lock mats in different dimensions, colors, and thicknesses.

Material: EVA Foam

Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green etc.

Pattern: Interlocking Blocks

Mat Size: 500x500MM, 600X600MM

Shape: Square

Thickness: 10MM, 12.5MM, 15MM, 20MM, 25MM & 30MM

Dimensions Thickness No of Sets/Box Minimum Order Quantity
20inch x 20 inch 500mm x 500mm 10MM 10 10 Sets in master cartoon = 40pcs
20inch x 20 inch 500mm x 500mm 20MM 5 5 Sets in master cartoon = 20pcs
24inch x 24 inch 600mm x 600mm 12.5MM 10 10 Sets in master cartoon = 40pcs
24inch x 24 inch 600mm x 600mm 15MM 8 8 Sets in master cartoon = 32pcs
24inch x 24 inch 600mm x 600mm 25MM 5 5 Sets in master cartoon = 20pcs
24inch x 24 inch 600mm x 600mm 30MM 4 4 Sets in master cartoon = 16pcs
  ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a closed cell, crosslinked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam manufactured by block process. The product offers unique features like good strength & mechanical properties at much lower weight. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) has extremely fine micro-cellular structure and is an ideal choice for applications requiring – space fillers, display casings, aesthetic & non-toxic educational aids, toys etc. The product offers excellent buoyancy and is extensively preferred in recreational swimming aids & floating devices. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a thermoformable foam packaging material.  
    • Very fine microcellular closed cell, crosslinked structure – Better aesthetics, ideal foam for promotional goods
Protec Litecell
  • Manufactured by bun process in two stage expansion under license from patented Japanese technology first time in India
  • Available in single block of 100 mm thickness
  • Excellent buoyancy, ideal for floatation devices, swimming aids etc.
  • Non-toxic and excellent resistance to chemicalse
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Shock absorbing – can take repetitive shocks
  • Non-abrasive, non-porous with negligible water absorption
  • Environmental friendly – CFC free manufacturing process
  • Thermoforming capabilities for specialty mats & components
Applications Sports & leisure: Judo & high jump mats, yoga and aerobic mats, camping mats, water slide mats, gymnasium mats, camping mats, beach mats, martial arts mats, swimming float accessories, swim vests, life jacket, life floats, body protection accessories, cushion lining of sports, boxing & cricket protective gears and more.

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