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Gymnastic and Sports Mats


Landing mats for protection and safety with high density flexible PU foam and covered with heavy duty Vinyl fabric and Rexine fabric comes with handle for easy lifting and movement

The Vinyl is easy to clean the sweat, blood and moisture and also can be sanitized

The PU foam is flexible and provides comfort and cushioning.

Product Specification

·        Material: PU Flexible Foam

·        Fabric: Heavy duty PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) coated with fabric cover

·        Dimension: 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 6ft, 4ft x 8ft

·        Thickness: 2 Inches, 3 Inches, 4 Inches

·        Dimensions Customizable: Yes

·        color: Blue, Black, Orange, Green & Red

·        Warranty: 1 Year

·        MOQ: 1


The Mat comes with PVC coated fabric with the following properties:

  • Made of high tenacity yarn
  • Coated with poly vinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Water proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • UV stabilized and tear resistant

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