Dreamfeel Comfort Mattresses

We are manufacturer of quality comfort sleeping mattresses at affordable prices. We make Orthopedic memory foam mattresses, dual comfort reversible foam mattress and Organic latex mattresses. Our mattresses are made using high quality memory foam, flexible polyurethane foam and natural latex in various sizes, dimensions and combination, densities for a superior and comfort sleeping experience.

Our mattresses are made using good quality organic cotton fabric and comfort flexible foams in various densities and properties with continuous research, trials and testing to ensure we offer best possible combinations to offer good sleeping experience.

The sleeping position varies from individual to individual according to their body-weight, lifestyle and health condition and we make mattresses in various firmness’s from Medium firm, Soft to Super soft that suits for everyone’s sleeping style.

Sleeping Pillows

We manufacture sleeping Pillows like Memory foam pillows, latex foam pillows, recron pillows etc..
We provide cushions for wooden sofa and metal sofa in all standard size
We also provide other comfort care products like neck pillows, baby feeding pillows, bolsters for seating, backing and other cushioning applications.

Custom Size Mattresses

Apart from the standard sizes, we make custom size mattresses as per customer’s requirement.
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Bulk Orders for PGs, Hotels and Apartments

We supply mattresses in bulk quantity at affordable price for PGs, Hostels, Hotels, Apartment, villa’s and organization in all sizes, thicknesses and price range.

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